MGC, Celebrating 30 Years

Welcome to MGC – The Company That Delivers!


Setting up a Free Account

How do I set up an account?
To open an account with us print out the credit application form, complete and fax it to 770-991-6928.
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What is your service area?
We deliver to every zip code in Georgia plus certain cities in AL, FL, SC, TN. Contact sales for more information about cities outside of Georgia.
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How can I get a rate quote?
Use this form or contact sales.
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Pickup and Delivery

How do I schedule a pickup?
After your account has been setup call customer service at 800.822.1084 or email them.
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What if I want to schedule daily pickups?
There are no requirements for daily pickup. If your weekly invoice totals meets or exceeds a minimum amount then your pickup is free. If it is less, then a fee applies. A pickup time can be scheduled to fit your shipping and receiving needs.
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What is the maximum size I can send?
MGC will accept single pieces up to 70lbs. Any one dimension of yours shipment needs to be less than 72”, and the length and girth combined cannot exceed 130”.
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How late can I schedule a pickup?
Times vary by location and a range of times can be setup to fit your business needs. Please contact customer service for more information.
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What documentation is required to ship?
We require the use of an MGC waybill or a label generated using our online shipping system. Please contact sales for more information.
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Online Shipping Order Entry

How do I get set up with shipping software and supplies?
Call 800.822.1084 to request.
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Billing and Payments

How can I find out my account balance?
Please call 800.822.1084 for billing assistance.
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How often do you bill and what are your payment terms?
Invoices are generated weekly. Payment is due upon receipt.
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Where do I send payments?
All payments should be mailed to:
MGC Inc.
Accounts Receivable
1564 Norman Drive
Atlanta, GA 30349
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How do I file a claim for a lost or damaged shipment?
All claims regarding loss or damage to any shipment must be submitted in writing to MGC. Please direct all claims for loss or damage to:

Attn: Claims
1564 Norman Dr
Atlanta, GA 30349
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